I just felt stuck in my life and every day felt the same as the day before.  I had reached a point of being faced with several decisions to create change in my life and normally I would take that into my meditation practice, however meditation was not giving me the answers I was seeking.  That’s when I connected with Laurie.  Her unique blend of insight, whimsy and hypnosis skill, guided me to access my inner knowing and gain a new perspective on my choice points.  With Laurie’s partnership I was able to move through the decision paralysis into a new way of being, which includes a deeper sense of purpose, and most of all a rebirth into self-compassion that was long overdue.  I had all kinds of preconceived ideas about what hypnosis was and how it worked, all of which I was able to set free right away when I met Laurie and she explained her process.  I highly recommend meeting Laurie in person so you can experience how she works; consider it a wonderful gift to yourself!

I had so much anxiety with my career. I was one person at work and another at home and couldn’t find any peace. My sister wanted me to take Prozac, I chose Laurie. I am happier than I have been in a long time. I’m enjoying relationships and my work life is more fulfilling.

Laurie is the very definition of love! Her kindness and thoughtfulness for others is truly what stands her apart from the rest. Sometimes, just having that extra person to listen, is all that it takes to help get back on the path our souls are guiding us on. Thank you Laurie for having such a kind heart and teaching me so much about how to trust, listen, and channel into my inner voice. By doing so, I feel more connected and no longer feel as if I am lost. I am forever grateful!

Laurie Sparks is a phenomenal hypnotherapist! I came into contact with her through a trusted friend who works in the spiritual service community. His high recommendation prompted me to contact her immediately because of a dilemma that I could not resolve. The trauma caused me to not eat and garner about 4 hours of sleep over two days. After my first session with Laurie, my anxiety levels dropped and I was able to find clarity and peace in the situation. Laurie’s amazing ability to guide her clients helped me in ways that conventional therapy could not. I am so grateful for the experience and I hope that others can find the resolve they are looking for through their therapy interactions with Laurie.
Daria E.

I scheduled a past life regression appointment with Laurie because I was having some unresolved digestive discomfort and thought that they might be linked. I had never done a past life regression before and wasn’t sure what to expect. Laurie put me at ease, letting me know that I would be aware and responsive the entire time. One thing I noticed right away was how soothing Laurie‘s voice was. I was able to relax almost immediately and let go into the experience. I could not believe that I was able to recall names and details of two very different lives I had led. I look forward to another session to uncover more of this universal wisdom we were able to tap into.