About Me

I'm Laurie Moritz. I'm a Certified Hypnotist and Thought Leader here to help you understand how you’re wired so you can adeptly navigate your life.

If you're here, it means you’ve come to a place where you can always feel appreciated, safe, and included. I'm so glad we're meeting now.

I understand you might be feeling...

There's a missing link because you feel like you're meant for something more.


You're one way at work and another way at home.


You feel confusion on your path and are ready for CLARITY.


You sometimes start down the path you want, then stop yourself, and you don’t know why.


You feel like there’s just TOO MUCH going on and don’t know where to start to get to the CORE of what’s important.


Seemingly out of nowhere, your professional life doesn't feel right and you hate going to work.

My Journey


In 2009, the economy went through a downtime and I couldn't keep my boutique up and running. When it rains, it pours - and it did. All the while, I experienced a divorce and bankruptcy.

I was totally wiped out. It was a whole reset.

When the dust settled, I felt like there was a purpose in me, but I didn’t know what it was.

I looked inward and read Neil Donald Walsh’s Conversations with God - which got the ball rolling for me. This book had me feeling like I was talking to someone who finally understood me. 

I asked myself, “How can I best serve at this phase of my life?”

Two days later, I got my answer. I was in Des Moines for the state fair walking with my husband. When it started to rain, we ducked into a Starbucks.

We were seated when, out of nowhere, this woman came in. She had the most striking, gorgeous raincoat on. Being a lover of good fashion and a former boutique owner, I knew I had to tell her myself!

The woman paused when I complimented her and then said, “Thank you so much. I guess you’re the one I’m supposed to meet.”

She elaborated, “I gave up coffee four months ago and I kept trying to talk myself out of coming in here. I was sitting in my car feeling there was someone I needed to meet.”

I got chills.

She sat down to join us. Turns out, she’d just come back from a training session in past life regression with Brian Weiss.

I said, “Oh wow! I’ve always been interested in hypnosis.”

Up until this point, it seemed that I’d been inadvertently blocking out so many opportunities in my path. This moment felt different. It felt like I was returning home myself.

I asked if the woman would be willing to work with me. And despite her hesitation (because she'd only just begun her training), she agreed.

The rest was history.

Ready to get real, live a life of transparency, focus, and flow?

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