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December 11, 2018

Words put our thoughts into Action!

I was having a wonderful conversation yesterday with a young woman who is moving through a new life transition. She was telling me how she doubts herself all the time and then goes back and forth. Something I, unfortunately, have spent probably many lifetimes doing until I finally saw the pattern.

I remember when I first stumbled across the book, Conversations With God, by Neale Donald Walsh, and it started my journey down this path of hypnosis and discovery. Neale talked about the sequence of Creation, BE, DO, HAVE.

We have had this backward most of our lives and got stuck on the DO. As in Do, Do, Do…..Repeat.  Our thoughts have taken on this loop and have a tendency to circle unless we complete the cycle.

Baby steps are KEY!

When we have a thought that triggers words like, “I am going to write this down so I don’t forget to do it” , and then we DON’T make that list and write it down, we have sent a message to our brain that our words don’t matter. Why? Because we literally didn’t put our words in MATTER….something physical that could be read later and completed.

This is far more important that we give it credit for, as I’ve discovered myself through often painful life lessons. Our words to ourselves build the foundation of TRUST between our heart and mind and our physical Body. We have to complete the loop in order to finish what we start. When we don’t, we leave a trail of uncompleted thoughts and actions that have to find a home so they jumble up our head and end up popping the circuit breaker in our energy body, either going up to the crown chakra and we start getting headaches, or to our throat chakra and we begin to feel anxiety because we are disconnected from our heart.

Sound familiar?

How do we fix this? Start small. If you say you are going to do something, DO IT! You will quickly learn to be more cautious with your words because there are only so many hours in a day to get all these words put into action. 😉

The lovely thing is, it takes so little time for your body to get the message and start trusting you. In almost no time at all, you find yourself feeling more calm, settled and secure in your decisions. You quit second guessing yourself and stop that darned cycle of STOP, GO, STOP, GO like I did for years until this landed for me. It was literally a life turnaround and a quick return to center that I wish I had recognized or known years ago.

Everything around us is a mirror

Why is human connection so important? Nothing is by chance. The person or animal or anything for that matter that is in front of you is there for a reason. It’s a mirror to show you an aspect of yourself that is ready to be recognized and grown.

I’ve noticed the more work I do on myself to bring calm and peace to my life, the more I’m surrounded by incredible and inspiring people that have a message to share with me.

This young woman I began the story with is one of those people. We’ve had similar life stories, once we spoke, are working on similar issues, once we connected, and were both able to take this new insight and grow. We had ten minutes together to chat, yet crossed all past perceived boundaries by diving deep into our life stories and getting right to the nitty gritty. By doing so, by being fearless about outcome or judgement, we connected on a heart level and formed a bond that will last for years.

We are constantly given these gifts of Grace that allow us to forgive ourselves for perceived mistakes or wrong doing, and move forward with love in our hearts.Yet, these gifts can pass us by if we don’t take the time to connect.

Our Word is our Bond.

I recently was at a Christmas Open House where the Doctor that was hosting the event came over to chat with my friend and I. We commented on how lovely the building was where his office was located, an old historic building in the midst of new ones downtown. A piece of history preserved.

He told us a story, one familiar to me through my dad’s words as a child, about the owner of the building that had kept the property in his family for several generations. The Dr. told us it was the simplest least, only 3 pages, he’d ever signed and the property owner told him at the end of their signing, “Now, here’s the most important part” and put his hand out to shake hands on the deal.

It truly moved the physician because it was a centuries old tradition that has been forgotten….not, however, by this man. They shook hands and the man smiled. He said, “Okay, now we have a deal.”  His words truly meant something to him, and the handshake, or action step, put it into play.  The physician told us he’d never move his office because of this. A deep bond was created.

Taste Your Words before your serve them

A good cook always tastes the food along the way to make sure it’s seasoned just right. Our words should be the same. I stumbled across a cute painted sign at a gift and hobby show recently that said, “Taste Your Words Before You Serve Them.  I thought this was brilliant and such a true golden nugget of wisdom.

Let’s do it TOGETHER!

I recently went to see the movie, Bohemian Rhapsody….a brilliant film that will stand the test of time. The one thing that really propelled Queen forward as a band was when they began involving the audience and putting the words out there that INCLUDED them….WE are the Champions….Not I AM. WE.

Let’s do this together. Please leave a note if any of this resonates with you and tell me how YOU are making changes with your words to be true to yourself and how it’s helping YOU.

This will help ME and WE will both grow.

For now, however….



Carry on….

Your Flow Pilot

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