Gratitude….The Diamond in the Rough

November 20, 2018

Power in a Word

Words are powerful, they were the first manifestation of Creation, “In the Beginning, there was the Word, and the word was God (Good).” Being a logophile (lover of words) myself, I often dissect them, feel them, study them, etc. to learn more about ones that are popping up in my language.

According to Dr. David Hawkins, author of Power vs Force, the word, Gratitude, vibrates at a level of 540mhz. It is postulated that Jesus, as a man, vibrated at 1000 mhz which is the vibration of Pure Consciousness. When I am walking or moving about my day in a state of deep gratitude and being in love with life, the vibration of Love is reflected back to me in the shape of hearts.

This morning, I had the gift of a day off. I savored this gift this morning in deep gratitude, especially as Thanksgiving is approaching. I lingered over my coffee time with my husband and our dogs. We reflected upon how grateful we are and blessed with almost 12 years with our big dog, Koopa, and how the 6 years we’ve been blessed with our big eared dog, Grace, has opened our hearts through Grace shown to us.

My husband left, feeling so thankful for an opportunity to beautify someone’s home today with his craft and I got the dogs ready to walk. The last few days, our older dog has been moving slower and we’ve noticed him in a state of deep contemplation. More rest, longer looks at us as if memorizing every feature. It has touched our hearts and moved us to take more care in our daily journey.

We feel the love of his heart for us, and it expands our love for him and for the gift of unconditional love we have been privileged to be able to experience. Animals are a gift to us, even for those undeserving of that gift….maybe mostly for those in order to open their hearts, and the sacrifice these animals make to do this work here.

Elemental Signs

Signs show up for me everywhere, for I’ve learned that nothing has ever looked as I thought it would. Rather, signs show up for me in ways that you could blink and miss them; at times when you don’t expect them, and in symbols and materials that share wisdom beyond time and space.

This heart chipped out of a wooden bridge, appeared at my feet as I was looking down at my big dog taking each labored step with his arthritis at this cold time of season, and showering him in my heart felt thoughts with gratefulness for his willing to serve us through thick and thin.  As my eyes caught the image of the heart. The symbolism of the heart as an ideograph, goes way back and can studied more here for those curious to learn more.

My eyes filled with emotion as they landed on the shape. Life is a beautiful reflection that is experienced most profoundly through our eyes, the window to our soul, and when the window shows us things, it is like looking through a diamond. Multi-faceted, often distorted, colored or sharp and magnified. When it appeared in wood, I knew I had to look it up when I came home for I knew there was a deeper meaning to this heart showing up in this way for me, in this moment.

It made so much sense to me that Wood is the element, of all the elements, that is most human. “It is the element of spring; the creative urge to achieve – which can turn to anger when frustrated. It is associated with the capacity to look forward, plan and make decisions, hence growth and expansion.” I also noticed that the heart appeared through a “missing” piece of wood, a chipped out piece, which reminded me of Michelangelo”s statue of David. When asked how he created the magnificent sculpture, he simply replied, “I removed everything that wasn’t David.”

In my study of life, the balance between things, and no-thing. matter and the space in between (the gap, as Dr. Wayne Dyers calls it), I found this so moving that when we remove a piece of something that is most Human, what we find is Love. As if I was receiving a reflection of what was inside of my Human form in that moment.

Moments of Gratitude through the magnification of a diamond

I realized that moments such as this….the gift of an awareness, missed by most, thought of as sweet by others, came to me in this moment as such a strong, magnified awareness, I literally felt my physical heart swell.

I’ve had these moments, that in clock time, may last a second or less, extends for me into the gap that stops all time and goes on for what seems like hours. I’ve experienced these moments in a drive-thru window interaction as a barista, through a splash of a fountain in the middle of an apartment complex as a dog walker and sitting in deep grateful meditation in my home. They can happen at any time and we experience a transcendence of time and space into a state of Bliss and Pure Love.

Diamonds were believed to first be used as a promise of love because it is the hardest of elements, however, I pose to you that it may be it’s reflective qualities that show Love through every possible distortion, fractal, color and magnification that may be a more indication of it’s symbolism of what we truly are at our core. The hardest of elements, in all of our distortions and fractals, colors and shapes, a magnification of Light that is laser strong.

Captured Moments

Yesterday, I was awakened around 2:30a.m. when our big dog suddenly jumped up and walked to the door. I had been awake and alert a few minutes, and realized my husband was as well. I got up to let our dog out, only to find he wanted to go into my office and lay next to my big crystal Amethyst tower. I went in with him and closed the door. I laid down next to him, picked up my phone to check to see if my son, studying in India right now in yoga, might have posted any new pictures. As soon as I logged on, my phone rang and it was him calling me through Messenger. He saw me online and phoned!

We talked across the globe, for free, which is a marvel of technology, for over an hour. We discussed our mutual discoveries and how we are filled with awe and surprise as the awakening of this awareness continues to unfold for us. I then went back to bed and woke up a few hours later.

It was my day for one of my favorite yoga classes, but today, my husband surprised me by suggesting we go together and get a foot massage as a gift to ourselves with a recent check that arrived. Tickled, we both got dressed and off we went.

In the midst of the bliss of the treatment, I was pondering how my son, Joey, has always been an embodiment of JOY to me. His smile lights up a room, and his laughter is contagious. I heard in my head, “what’s the difference in JOY and JOEY?”  I realized it was one “e”. That was it. I then heard, “E=MC squared.”  Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and the equation used to measure Power.

It hit me that JOY was our Power and that reminded me of Jesus saying, “Come to me as children.”

It was one of those revelations in the midst of deep gratitude for the man administering my massage and thanking him in my mind for his ministrations and devotion to his craft. A gift given back to me while in a state of Gratitude once again. Another diamond in the rough. A seemingly mundane event in life that turned out to be profound.

Life is meant to be simple.

Quotes from the Master

Mother Teresa, when asked once how she can do everything she does, replied, “I simply see Jesus each day in his most distressing disguises.”

When we step into Gratitude for each gift, whether painful, joyful, or any spectrum of feeling, we receive the gift that we are in fact FEELING, which delineates our Humanness.

She is also quoted as saying, “Do small things, with Big Heart.” Whatever it is you are DOing, do them with full BEing. Be Present and you will be the GIFT. Be grateful and that gift becomes magnified. Polish your stone (your element of Being) and you will magnifiy your BEing into Brilliance. I remember hearing Wayne Dyer say once that it was postulate her vibration was near 600mhz. When one individual resonates at 700, their vibration counterbalances 70 million individuals resonating at or below 200 (the vibration of shame/guilt/hatred). Just imagine what ONE persona can do simply by being more in a state of Love!!

During this special time of year, death of the old and the regeneration of a New US, remember that like this beautiful piece missing from the soft wood of this bridge board, it reflects that what is missing is actually what is present.


May these words, these images and these reflections offer a moment of reflection of love back to you. For if you are receiving this message, it has a deeper meaning within your heart that will bring you great peace.




Your Co-Pilot



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  1. Nice lesson on Love.
    Gratitude and gratefulness so appropriate this time of year!
    Grateful for your knowledge and all of it you share ❤

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