Why Laughter is the best Medicine

October 30, 2018

What’s the matter?

Did you know that everything in our world when you break it down into the smallest particles is energy? We, in fact, are energy that is squished and compressed tightly until we become a solid. So why does this matter, matter?

When we experience life, especially highly charged experiences that evoke strong emotions, those little particles of energy are moving really fast and when we breathe them in, they can get lodged in areas of our physical bodies.

If you check out Louise Hay’s book, You Can Heal Your Body, she talks about each body complaint and gets to the root cause of the feeling behind it. That’s because our words and thoughts have vibration that start to impact and excite the energy around our physical bodies, and then we breathe in that energy and it can get stuck.

I first discovered this through different kinds of breath work. Exercise, yoga, breathing exercises, etc. There are many reasons why this increases our mood.

One is that is dislodges this matter and allows it to be released. This is super important, because we don’t need stale matter sticking around. It’s like breathing in stale air on an airplane. Yuck! It doesn’t circulate enough with fresh air to keep it nice and clean. Another reason why getting outside as much as possible is important.

Laughing not only compresses our abdominal muscles  and squeezes this excess matter out, but it tells our body we are happy. Even if we aren’t!!

I learned laughter yoga when I went to the Omega Institute recently and found it released a lot of emotion at the end that was a surprise. By laughing we set free millions of neurotransmitters telling the body that we are happy. The body doesn’t know if we are faking it, it simply responds to the neurotransmitters and creates a happy environment.

Be Aware of Your Thoughts

One of the reasons the mindful movement is taking off with such fervor is that it draws our attention to our physical bodies and gets us in tune with how our thoughts are impacting our physical experience.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, tells a story about when he was teaching in a university and had a lot of stress in his life. He was teaching The Biology of Belief and how our thoughts impact our reality. He became very ill, and it was determined he was having a gallbladder attack. Because of his biology background, he asked if he could have a cross section of the tissue after they removed it.

They did, and he tells how the tissue was the best example he’d ever seen of a perfectly HEALTHY gallbladder! Even better than the textbooks show! Shortly after the surgery, he then developed a complication calle Bells Palsy. One side of his face was completely paralyzed. He had an important speaking event in 3 weeks and was told this condition could last as long as 5 months IF it even went away at all!

Well, the man who wrote books about the Biology of Belief and was in fact getting ready to speak on this subject, couldn’t have this! So he told himself he had 2 weeks to heal his condition.


2 weeks later, he was as good as new, all the symptoms gone and went on to give his lecture.


It’s time to take charge of our lives and allow what wants to come out, to come out in fun and creative ways! Laugh it out, shout it out in your car until you laugh at the sound of the scratchy screams or boogie it out to music, but it’s time to SHAKE IT UP!! Move that matter around and out!

Last year I was working with a teenager that was struggling with school and relationships. His parents pulled him out of public school and chose a home school program. He went there 3 days a week and I worked with him 2 days a week. When I picked him up,  we would put on his playlist that he really liked and we would scream in the car. First we started out just singing at the top of our lungs then moved on to trying the scream thing. The first time, we laughed sooooo hard, because his voice hadn’t changed yet and his scream sounded like a girl, and mine was low and sounded like a gravely old male blues sisnger! He looked at me with a shocked expression and asked how my voice was so low. I said I’d lived a lot of life and had some experience with screaming in the car. I was like a really seasoned musician. He looked at me with such awe, like he was seeing a new side of me AND of himself that he’d never considered.

Not only did our relationship change and strengthen that day, but it began a process of showing him, through imagination, how quickly his brain was actually learning. He FELT his progress and began taking on more responsibilities for his studies and by the end of the semester, reached his goal of maintaining friendships, balancing his energy on his own at home and getting back into the school he wanted to be enrolled in.

It felt huge to me, because I used something simple that had worked for me and shared it in a fun way and it worked!

Well KISS me and call me Silly!

We’ve all heard of the KISS method, Keep It Simple, Silly. Yet, how often do we keep it simple? Very rarely because most of us learned that things had to be hard, so we’re wired to make it more difficult than it has to be. I was talking to a woman last weekend at an event my husband and I went to.  She said she felt like she was making her life too difficult but felt it was so hard to simplify. I’ve learned tips that seemed so silly, yet made a massive difference in my life.

I have spent the last year letting go, of a married name and taken on a new one…oddly enough that are the same initials I was born with! And have come Full Circle! The thing I was lacking in my life was structure and discipline. My new husband is a veteran so when we moved in together, needless to say, it was a bit of a process to come together. 😉 His drawers are so organized, his closet is always clean and he always puts things away in the same place so he knows where to find them.

I started with something simple, like organizing my drawers. I didn’t think anything about it, just went about my day. I noticed after a few weeks, I was a little more organized and started clearing out my closet, which led to decluttering our house, going from cabinet to cabinet, repainting, new furniture. Now, this didn’t happen overnight! We’ve been together 7 years! You see, we all have a cycle of growth. Every 7 years every cell in our bodies is replaced. It’s often spoken of in different religious texts that 7 years is a time of rebirth. We also do this every 90 days!

Seasons Change and So Do I!

Every 90 days we have the chance to review our past season and make adjustments to keep our ship going in the direction we want to go in. Fall is the perfect time to really blow it out! Just like blowing leaves, leaves actually push everything they’ve got, biochemically, out to the surface in a gorgeous display of color.  So do we!!! We can make a push to start new things and plant seeds that can build underneath the surface through the hibernation of winter and shoot up in the spring with a magical bloom that feels like a gift to watch bloom! Here’s a great article to give you some steps to do this!

For me, I’m really stepping out of my comfort zone and going bigger. I’ve been wanting to continue my education since college when I was on track to go right into my masters program, be life took me in a different direction and I didn’t make myself a priority to keep going. It always ends up perfectly, because everything that transpired has given me FAR MORE life and knowledge to go on now with a level of love, grace and gratitude that I didn’t have for myself back then, and we truly do have to fill our cup up first before we can let it overflow to everyone else.

Big Wheel Keep on Turning…

What will you challenge yourself to this fall? My suggestion is small baby steps in 4 quadrants. A new health and wellness goal, a new financial or job goal, a new growth of spirit goal to add fun and creativity, and a new relationship goal. Keep your wheel balanced and you will always flow into the place you’re wanting to go.

Our wheel of life keeps turning, things are always in motion. Einstein said, “Nothing happens until something moves.” I remember quoting a saying that , “Everything happens BEFORE something moves” after I stumbled upon the magic of the space in between, the magic within the silence. Now, I understand that that explosion within our brain that happens when a thought begins, moves everything and there begins the story of being a human being experiencing a human experience from a place on wholeness.


As this season of fall is upon us and color is everywhere, experience the magic of dreaming up what new color is within you just waiting to come out. Do something new, different. Grow, Smile and live just a little brighter if only for one moment at a time.

My lovely readers, I adore you! Each and every one of you and feel Blessed beyond belief that you have stumbled upon me.

Please share in a comment what you are going to do to grow yourself. I would absolutely LOVE to hear about it, support you in it and grow with you.

AND REMEMBER, keep on laughing through it. If WE can’t laugh at our own bloopers, who can? We have to reconnect to our Inner Child and laugh at our own mistakes like we just laughed so hard, we blew milk out of our nose!


Here’s to a milk blow out!!


Carry on….


Your Flow Pilot







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