Keep Your Head in the Game

October 23, 2018

Life is about making connections

We all know how important connections are, right? It’s not WHAT you know as much as WHO you know. A good connection can help you save several steps in the process. This is also true with the body. Our heart knows the way, but if we don’t take our head with us, we can be led on a merry chase.

I speak here from 56yrs of experience in following my heart. I’ve finally begun understanding Heart Math and the connections that are vital WITHIN our bodies to create the connections OUTSIDE our bodies that attract what our heart desires and our head can’t see yet.

I remember sitting in the middle of a group I’d started that was interested in learning more about consciousness and what our imagination is capable of and one of the people there began talking about a place on the human heart that heart surgeons would call the No Touch Zone. It was a tiny space on the physical heart that when touched would cause cardiac arrest. It didn’t take long for research to find out what was going on inside this space.

It turns out, this small spot is a cluster of about 40,000 brain cells. We know that a fetus has a heartbeat before there is even a brain stem developed, and what research has now proven is that our heart is running the show, but the communication through the satellite computer, the brain, is imperative to keep us functioning efficiently. Therefore, it’s critical to keep this connection and communication pathway open and connected. Thus all the talk that centers around Mind/Body work, or now Mind/Body/Spirit for we are beautiful energetic beings having a physical experience.

Words count!

What are your words in your head telling your physical body? This is especially important when we are going through shift and change. It’s vitally important to prepare our physical body to let it know we are now moving into a new level of being. It needs to get our muscles, bones and organs built up.

I’ll give you an example. I woke up at 3:12am today, wide awake. I got up and started writing down everything that had popped into my awareness after a few hours of sleep. My dog started barking and I was worried about her waking my husband up, so I got back into bed and laid down. I planned on going to yoga at 6am. I woke again at 5:07. I KNEW right then, that I had to get up, get my clothes on and let go of whether or not she woke him up or not, I had to go follow my path.

What did I do? I got up, let them outside, talked in my head and told myself the power vinyasa class might be a little much with little sleep and I went back to bed. I woke up at 20 minutes before 6, jumped out of bed and into my clothes and dawdled enough to miss the class. I then felt disappointed in myself for not staying true to my word and I went back to bed feeling a little defeated.  I woke up again after 7:00, tired and edgy. Why? My words didn’t communicate to my body that it truly was strong enough to step into this new level. Those words sent mixed messages to my body and it got confused.

I then have the choice to say, “Okay, I learned a lot, that didn’t feel good and if I want to feel strong and resilient, my words have to match my actions.” Which is what I did. I then came into my office, sat down at the computer to finish up this project.

Surround yourself with people going in the same direction

When you want to stay focused, motivated and strong, you have to surround yourself with people that are doing what you are going toward and are doing it well. Model the things they are doing, their attitude toward life (it’s important to align yourself with others that resonate with your belief system), and their activities. You are much stronger than you think! The body is resilient beyond measure and can move in ways that seem superhuman when the energy is channeled appropriately.

We need only think of a mother that can lift a car up when her child or someone she loves is trapped beneath it. This is a perfect example of channeling energy.

My son poured himself into yoga recently. He’s been an avid practitioner since he was about 14 yrs old, but a few months ago he made a soul commitment to dedicate time each and every day to yoga. Within a few short weeks, his body began flowing from one pose to the next fluidly and with ease that he couldn’t believe. He stated it was as if his body was moving itself and he was simply witnessing it.

This is that channeled energy I’m speaking about. When we focus on a goal or achievement and let everything else work itself out, i.e. whether our partner gets enough sleep or not, we achieve OUR goals which is all that matters.

At the end of the day, YOU are the only one answering for your life and your experiences. It’s important to be TRUE TO YOU!!

Of course I say this as I’m working this work and walking this walk because it takes an army sometimes and the more support we have, the better!

Count Your Blessings!

My husband and I had a booth this past weekend at an expo. I’d booked the booth months ago and wasn’t sure as things were shifting whether or not I would keep it. We decided, we would show up exactly where we were at in the process and have FUN! We met the most amazing people, heard phenomenal stories and had more synchronicities happen as far as people literally Divinely guided into our path than we ever could have imagined!!

I spent a while last evening emailing and connecting with them to let them know how truly touched I was by the experience of sharing that time together. It was such an honor to be present and aware of what was happening.

Detachment is key!

The biggest factor that allowed us to create and attract such beautiful synchronicities was the fact that we let go of the outcome. We didn’t care whether or not we achieved any business, we were there to meet people, be authentic and stand in our truth and have fun!.

It felt miraculous!

So….when we have a lot riding on something….a job, an opportunity that we feel is key to our journey, put the intention and the actions toward it, then release it. If it’s yours, it comes to you. If there is something more suited for you that you can’t see just yet, it will come in. Be grateful, let it happen and lean in. Sometimes flow feels rushed and scary, sometimes it feels like a smooth and fun ride. How you train your body will really help you achieve the desired FEELING that you’d like to achieve.

Fake it til you BECOME it!

There’s a fabulous TED talk on this topic by Amy Cuddy that is worth it’s weight in gold! You’ll notice through the talk that her voice is shaking like crazy, her mouth is so dry she keeps licking her lips and drinking water, yet she keeps going and presents. I would bet there wasn’t a dry eye in the auditorium after the event. Everyone cheered her on loudly because she was walking her talk despite her fears. She felt the fear and did it anyway and let her body catch up.

I highly encourage you to watch it and feel the inspiration. It’s one of those, if she can do it, so can I! That’s the whole idea behind this blog for me. I lay my life and process open and bare to show others, if I can do this and keep moving and growing, so can you. I guarantee I’ve been battered around like a fly in a tornado and I’m here to tell the tale. 😉

So…I’m off to take on the day with enthusiasm, vigor and a level of exercise and energy that will get me to where I want to go. I;m stepping back onto a path I got off of over 30 years ago, and if you think it doesn’t come with trepidation, you’re wrong. It’s comes with plenty, but it’s going to be okay and I will make it through with flying colors. How do I know this? I’ve done it before. I know I have a good mind, I learn quickly, I can follow directions, I show up when I’m supposed to and do my job. The rest is the natural ebb and flow of life. These simple skill sets we all learn in Kindergarten and we’ve still got them. Trust them to lead you home.

Let’s do this TOGETHER!

Holding you in my heart…


Carry on….

Your Flow Pilot


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