Gratitude Brings Grace

October 16, 2018

Transitions are bumpy!

Everyone should be required to write their memoirs as part of life’s journey.  It makes it incredibly easy to follow the dots and see patterns emerge that were seemingly hidden before.

Did you know that your sensory organs (eyes, ears, mouth, nose, skin) take in over 500,000 bits of information per second?? And yet, we can only process a few hundred? If that’s not crazy enough, the brain groups the information into chunks of 7, hence phone numbers with 7 numbers, and many things grouped in sevens.

Our Cellular Memory is waking up which means that a lot of information is being presented to the brain for processing. Kind of like, “Okay, here’s some info, what file do you want me to put it in?” This is where the memoir can be helpful because you recall events very clearly (i.e. seeing them on paper or clearly in your mind’s eye) and recognizing the patterns.

When you picture a rocket going through it’s liftoff phase, you can visualize the faces we all saw on TV of the astronauts getting bounced and vibrated around. This is exactly how it feels within the body as we begin to come into alignment with our authentic selves.

Our physical body has a heavier density and is glued to the chair like, “What the heck is going on?”, and the space around us is flying by at the speed of sound, like, “Wheeeeee!” The brain doesn’t know how to file that, so it creates multiple files with the same data in it. This causes the body a feeling of anxiety because it’s overloaded with files.

Where does Gratitude come in?

Fortunately, I am a “fly by the seat of your pants” kind of girl and have A LOT of experience with this, as do (sometimes unfortunately) my family and friends. 😉 This can feel like you’re living with someone that is up and down, hot and cold, and generally a fly getting batted around in the wind while these transitions are happening. It’s because FEELING is my first sense, meaning my strongest. We all have one sense that is predominant and then the others develop and fall in line after that one. For example, How do you KNOW something is true? Do you feel it? Have a sense of knowing? Do you see it in your mind’s eye? Do you hear it as a yes? For me, it’s my feeling. A gut sense of knowing, a feeling in my chest, heart or body somewhere.

And, when you FEEL first, your brain interprets that data and doesn’t know it isn’t real. So, if a transition is especially fast moving, it can feel like you’re going over Niagara falls/terrifying, or going down a wavy slide/fun and tickly. You can start to see why it’s so important to create new muscle memories for your physical body like exercise routines to help the body adjust. That’s why astronauts train so hard.

If you are anything like me, and maybe your exercise routine has been a little, shall we say, less than stellar, your body may be sending you signals all over the place right now and you’re creating a little havoc in relationships.

Leading with Gratitude creates a sense of deep appreciation in the person you are dealing with which provides breathing room (Grace) if you change your mind or “lose your stuff” for a minute. I truly thank God every day for the fact that I’ve created enough good feelings with my friends and family to allow some awesome Grace on their part for me while I move through these times.

Grace, like anything else, grows when nurtured. We come into this world through a bumpy transition and learn how to navigate the new waters, so to speak, after leaving the calm waters we just emerged from.

Communication, communication, communication!! Just like location is key to real estate, communication is key to grace. My friends and family have also helped me develop more grace through communication. By giving me feedback as to how my words or actions landed for them, it gives me a better framework to handle a particular situation more gracefully.

Practicing Loving Kindness. Being aware and present when you’re body is sending you mixed signals, and practicing some ways to stop and re-evaluate from a higher perspective,helps develop a sense of loving kindness.

Davidji, author of Destressifying: The Real World Guide to Personal Empowerment, Lasting Fulfillment and Peace of MInd, works with special forces, police and first responders that face major shift on a daily basis. He teaches that you have 5 seconds to grab a SODA.

  • STOP: Realize something is different and stop where you are.
  • OBSERVE: the situation for what is REALLY happening, physical data wise.DISTANCE:  float above the situation from a 30,000 ft perspective.
  • DISTANCE: Float above the situation and view it from a 30,000 ft perspective. Everyone is human, they are reacting with the highest abilities they have in that moment, and feel the compassion for their state of being from a place of love.
  • ADJUST: Then, adjust your response based on the information you gathered.

Say what you CAN do first, then what you CAN’T do.  This is HUGE! ESPECIALLY when money is involved! I learned this from one of my business coaches who coaches franchise owners around the country and takes them from struggling to the top of their field. When I was going through one of my first really bumpy transitions, I was really ticking a lot of people off. After she shared this, I practice the SODA, phrase what I can do first, then back it up with what feels challenging to me to move forward with. I can tell you from loads of personal experience, this will take you a long way in creating GRACE!!

The power of the written word.

There’s a reason why the first sentence in most religious texts has to do with the WORD, it is Power. “In the beginning, there was the word.” We first have a thought, which creates an explosion of power in the brain and fires up a neuron that shoots across the grey matter creating a line. Words that are put on paper make the thought, REAL.  When we write down even 3 simple things we are grateful for every morning and every evening, we EMPOWER ourselves with more higher vibration words.

It may sound cliched, but I’ve practiced gratitude journals, gratitude picture journals and simple 3/day words and they all have a profound impact of how gracefully I maneuver through life.

KISS. Keep It Simple, Silly!

We are moving into a time where we are being asked to simplify and allow the past learnings of rush, rush, rush to drop away and actually become more efficient, loving and tuned in to our environment.

Believe it or not, Pushing the EASY button is far from easy! We have overwritten our programs in the brain to believe we have to work hard, do more, move faster, so when we using the programs that are INNATE to us (slow down, be present, be kind) it sends out warning signals. It’s warning us that we are turning off the safety measures and overriding the system ourselves.

YES!! This is what we WANT to do! Override the system in stages based on our level of experience and accuracy. For example, when I worked at Starbucks, they tell you, take your time, make the best drink possible and the speed will come. This is challenging when you have a dozen or more caffeine deprived people glaring down your neck, ;-), but it truly does stand true. If you can hold your Zen and keep your cool, the standard of excellence you present will keep people coming back for me..

A sloppy, rushed product leaves everyone feeling empty. Let’s choose full, rich, satisfying!

Just for Today….

Write down 3 things you’re truly grateful for. Write down the words, GRATEFUL, THANKFUL, BLESSED. Write a note to your inner child and let them know they’re doing a great job. Write a note to someone you love and surprise them.

Write. Practice. Stretch. Breathe.

I promise you these tips will create much more Grace in your life, breathing room if you will, fo when your gratitude needs a helping hand. They are two words that are linked and support one another and YOU!


With that…..I will leave you to Carry on….


Your Flow Pilot


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  1. Very thankful, always grateful and extremely blessed to be here to continue to Love and support my family, friends and extended family❤
    Once again thankful for you and your wise words!

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