The Art of Connection

October 9, 2018

Hearts Open When Minds get out of the way

Have you ever noticed, when you’re busy doing something mundane, the most amazing things can pop in?

I’ve always had the ability to make friends easily, I think because I’m so curious. I always wanted to know how things worked, why people did what they did and what led them to where they were.

I met this young woman from Hong Kong at a Past Life Regression training course in New York.  She was very quiet when we met, standing with arms crossed among two other friends. She’d tried to get into the course before, and it was full. She didn’t know why she wanted to take the course, other than it sparked her interest. She found a friend who agreed to come with her, flew half way across the world on a whim and showed up.

I was there because my journey into service began with a wild chance meeting at a Starbucks with a woman that had just come from this course. After a series of events that drew me to a hypnosis training, that gave me a skill to get my son out of pain after a freak accident, I kept following the bread crumbs that led me back to this class 4 years later.

So…here we were random strangers. I met them outside the coffee shop at the Omega Institute and I was curious what brought these women half way around the world to a small camp type environment in the middle of nowhere, NY. We hit it off right away and talked about everything under the sun from relationships to cooking to Japanese Anime characters. We found out we were in the same course together and agreed to talk again.

Getting on the same wavelength

Once the course began, there was so much talk of love. Several guided visualizations each day that demonstrated at the base of everything was love…the common denominator. It’s like when you relax and let your mind go to a place of peace, relaxation and love, you tune in to a universal channel and amazing synchronicities begin.

I noticed this when I worked at Starbucks. I would be on a roll, tooling along cranking out drinks, slinging hash, so to speak, ringing up customers and basically sing-songing my way through the day. I didn’t have time to let my mind get caught up in thoughts because I had too many tasks at hand and could let my heart simply be open to experience what was in front of me.

My husband and I would notice this too when we would be traveling. Wild chance meetings with people that had a connection to just what we had been looking for because were were in a place of joy and love and not looking. There’s a saying, the closer you look, the less you see. When we’re trying to make something happen, it never does. A watched pot never boils. But when we go about our business of following things we enjoy, what we ordered up from the universe in hopes and wishes, pops in.

Finding Purpose in the least likely places

So here I was, at this class with with people from all over the world. Striking up conversations, seeing all the connections.  All through listening to stories. I connected a server in the restaurant to a friend of mine from Indiana that had worked with children with learning challenges using sound devices, and this young server was going to school to learn about this. I found out one of my new friends from Hong Kong who did Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique lived by a friend from IN that had just moved to the Hong Kong area, so I connected them through email.

You never know where one connection can lead to that brings people together from all around the world and ends up solving a problem for you that you may or may not have even known you had!

Bringing us back to finding purpose in the least likely places.

The course at Omega was winding down and it was our last day. The one quiet, young woman from Hong Kong approached me to see if I would facilitate a regression for her. She still wasn’t sure why she’d come, she hadn’t had any experiences yet and felt that I might be able to help her. So I agreed.

We started off. Brian Weiss’s technique is a very easeful process, much like a mindfulness meditation, very active and participatory. So we began the visualization and she couldn’t see anything it was dark. It occurred to me that she might be in a cave or something so I told her as I tapped on her forehead we would bring in more light.  The brain is a beautiful thing, it’s open to suggestion and will create the environment that we prompt it to create, which it did.

She was, indeed, in a cave and sensed light coming in from above. She saw a crystal. A very bright crystal that was growing quickly. She then she she felt SHE was the crystal and felt herself growing stronger, absorbing the light. She reached out and touched my hands and asked if I could feel it. Her hands were vibrating with the energy, in fact her entire body was trembling with it.

Her eyes were wide open even though she was still very much in the place she was experiencing.

Suddenly, her hands gripped mine and she said she saw me there. I appeared to her as a very small blueish, green crystal. The light that was pouring into the cave from above was going through me and creating a rainbow of colors all over the cave. She said it was really important that she give me this energy she’d just absorbed because I was going to need it for the next part of my journey. Her eyes were locked on mine and we both had tears streaming down our faces as she spoke with the strength and leadership of someone who could have run a nation. She knew exactly what was needed and conveyed it to me through  words and through an intensity in her gaze that was palpable.

A Connection Across A Continent

As the message that was being conveyed came to a close, slowly her hands released mine and we both sat there, shell shocked. Not knowing what really just occurred, but somehow we were willing to go along with where we were being led and this random connection and conveyance was made. She began to cry and tell me that she knew her purpose now. She didn’t really know how it would continue to unfold, but she understood she was some kind of conduit for energy and she could now trust that wherever she was being guided to go, it was for a reason.

That same message that I’ve been given over and over again over the last four years came through once again for me as well. TRUST! Let go of TRYING to create a path for yourself, do what feels comfortable at the time and you will have all the connections you need to get to where your heart truly wants to go. In other words, Get out of your own way and let the vibration of your heart bring in the goodness of the world.

We still keep in touch, as do all my global friends from across the states and globe. We’ve had a connection through this thread that began with hypnosis that put me in a place where my heart could heal and connect. I then found I could recreate that connection anywhere my heart was open and having fun.

Life is a Serendipitous Journey

Things happen in the least likely of places, and the answer to enjoying everyday is find the joy in the moment. Whatever it is. Sometimes the simple, mindless job that pays our bills, gives us security in the moment and allows us to leave it behind at the end of the day is just what we need to let love come in and healing to happen.

Today, feel your way through. What’s important to your heart? What opportunities are in front of you? How are things unfolding? Feel your way and take the path of least resistance.  The number one thing the brain wants, is to be out of pain. Same goes for the body. The Gate Theory of pain states that if you give the body a lower point of stimuli, the pain will get confused, focus on the lower point and decrease.

Same goes for life. Follow the course of least resistance to meet your needs, see the purpose and joy of being there to be of service and let the miracles unfold in ways you never anticipated.

From my heart to yours..


Carry on…


Your Flow Pilot






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