Creating Our Rhythm of Life through Practice

September 25, 2018

The Stories of Life

Stories are told many ways, through movement, through symbols, through song, through pictures. The more senses we engage, the more hypnotized we become with the story because we are feeling it.

I remember my first hypnosis instructor told me hypnosis was a rhythm, like breathing. When you exhale you take the picture out, broader, distanced and the person moves to a lighter state, then you take it in with details and bring the focus in tight like a close up and the vibration becomes longer and slower waves. Theta.

If you’ve ever sat at the feet of an older relative as they relate a story, they become animated, and you soon find yourself enthralled with the tale and are lost in the rhythm and flow of words flowing over you like the most beautiful sea.

The stories of our life are learned and recorded before the age of 8 when we are walking in a Theta state. Children remember the love they came from, Divine love of Creation, and they are still deeply connected to that vibration until we begin programming it out of them with the words that come out of our mouths out of habit.

Creating the correct rhythm takes practice

I have been a writer for as long as I can remember. It started first through my voice. I was a natural storyteller, I would talk with my hands, my eyes, my face. My voice would rise and fall, it was simply something I knew how to do, it wasn’t taught to me but I used my voice a lot so the daily practice

I began writing stories in fifth grade and I realized how much I enjoyed seeing them on a page! It was as if I was painting with my words and the visceral feel of them filled me and took me deep into the tale.

I never realized how much of a practice storytelling was until recently when the flow shifted and I found myself working in a place where I wasn’t talking as much, or writing and the song within me had quieted and became harder to hear.  My son came to town and we talked for hours about the discipline needed to get back into the flow of writing as he is a musician and within weeks of him beginning to play again, the natural rhythm began to kick back in.

Then it occurred to me how we innately know how to heal ourselves. I’ve been practicing meditation as a mindful practice, I just started Qi Gong and I do daily breathing exercises. All of these practices require discipline and awareness. The Qi Gong Master spoke of where we place our eyes and how that controls the rhythm along with breath, movement and sound, and it occurred to me that it’s a hypnosis as well. I way to use these skills to go within or without.

Focus is Key

Creating good health is about our perception of what’s around us, how we feel about our surroundings. When we see and feel only love or compassion for what is around us, we are creating good health in our bodies. We know this to be true through the cutting edge science of epigenetics and the work of Dr. Bruce Lipton and Gregg Braden, among many others. However, these feelings are cultivated through daily practice of engaging our senses in life. Doing things that require movement, flow, breathwork, visualization….creative skills.

When I first began hypnosis, as students, we were  given scripts to use as a guideline to help people relax. Words that already had a rhythm and cadence to them, but the art came in when you could learn to modulate your breath along with the client, lean in and lean out with movement as you spoke and create a flow of air and energy that wove a tale of peace and harmony.

At some point early on, my inner storyteller’s voice began coming through and I released my hold on a template and simply went with what I knew, the art of the story and I allowed whatever the presenting symptom the client had to be part of the tale that would get harmonized into the story and moved to the background where it could become quieter and quieter until it faded completely away.

Life as a Patchwork Quilt

Our lives are a beautiful pieced together quilt. Each square representing aspects that are laid out in intricate pieces of color and shape that form a design that then gets placed in a pattern to somehow fit together.

The way our brain works when we want to create a new pattern or way of being, say becoming more confident, we have to weave it into our PRE-EXISTING neural network. What that means is, if want to place a new patchwork quilt piece in and the picture is of us holding a pose of confidence, maybe wearing a superman or superwoman cape, etc. we have to artfully weave it into the quilt we already have.

For example, let’s say we have someone who is working on creating more peace in their lives and they have a stressful job during the day. Jumping into another job that is more peaceful can actually create more stress initially, because it’s a different rhythm that our body needs to adjust to. Putting small and simple daily practices into place that create a new rhythm can create significant and long lasting change such as building in one minute per hour of focused breathwork.

There are so many apps out there like Calm, that have easy ways to help you with this, but the simplest is setting a timer on your phone for 59 minutes. When the timer goes off, you STOP, Breath rhythmic belly breaths (usually 8-10 fit in a minute), then go back to what you were doing. You will find that you continue to do the belly breathing for quite a while even as you re-engage in your work until you zone out again. The idea is that by building in the timer, it forces your body to create a new rhythm….a new cadence that is more healthful and in sync with harmony within your Being.

Art takes Practice

The biggest and most important lesson that is being drilled in my head over and over these days is PRACTICE makes perfect. We have spent a lifetime practicing the imperfect, or programs that were never really ours. Now, it’s time to practice what is perfect for US. Find OUR OWN rhythm that FEELS right to US.  To YOU!! Because, after all, you are the only one that matters in your existence. No one is crawling in the grave with you. Nothing gets to come with you , it’s just you and what you the mark you have left here. AND, how you create that art, or that imprint, is up to YOU.

Practice the art daily. In every word, in every step, BE PRESENT. Give the gift of your attention to everything you do for YOU, so that you can drink in the details of it and learn what it is showing you. For nothing happens by accident. Every single experience comes into our reality as a gift for us to learn from, to build upon and either lean into or out of as we build a practice of cadence and rhythm.

Embrace your Art

Whatever it is you do, embrace it! I remember going to a Spanish meditation and one of the woman cleaned the gymnasiums of schools. She put her practice of mindful meditation and visualization into her work each day and swept away the dirt from the hard work and determination of each student as they strove to have fun and embrace the sport, and cleansed the floor for a fresh set of feet to have clean ground to build upon the next day. I was so humbled and moved by her graciousness, I had tears flowing down my face as did everyone in the group. It had nothing to do with what her task was, she brought her practice, her art, with her wherever she went and painted the most beautiful art across the floors, minds and hearts of those students, creating rich, fertile soil for young hearts and minds to grown.

We each have these gifts.

Today, embrace a practice. Whatever it is, begin a discipline, something that requires you do it each day and then DO IT! Breath, move, create, walk, whatever it is. Set a new rhythm and begin. Set a timer and change up the routine. Get out of bed on the other side, get dressed a new way and begin something new to create a practice.

Your gifts begin to emerge once we get out of our way and allow the hidden figures to move out of the shadows where they’ve been resting and allow them to move into the forefront of our lives.

Enter stage left….

Life is a rhythm, an artful dance. Let’s practice it together and create a masterpiece.


Carry on…..

Your Flow-Pilot




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