50 Shades of Resistance

September 18, 2018

What we Resist, Persists

The gift of being of being Human is what we choose in the moment to make of it. It can be a priceless gift or a curse if we are lost in the story and forget to allow the priceless learning and growth we are experiencing in every moment.

Each week, I meet with a beautiful group of friends to be practice the art of Mindfulness. Becoming aware of our Human experience and allowing what is to Be. How often are we in the future, in the past…both places where we have no power to create or change, instead of HERE in the moment and aware of our Blessed body and how hard it’s working for us to keep us here.

There’s a law in Physics that states, for every force, there must be a counter force. Meaning, if we feel resistance, we have to be the one creating the force that is opposing it from being okay to feel in the first place.

Now, I KNOW through my life experience, it would have been SO MUCH easier just to have face opposition for  short time and done what I felt was right in the first place, instead of doing what others wanted me to do and allow the fallout to happen that I knew would. I actually created it! And yet….I resisted, why? It’s a program, that is based in low vibrational energy of shame or fear. False Evidence Appearing Real. So, when we get caught in this loop out of habit, the more we become aware, we can then choose to STOP, OPEN, and Breathe. Simply allow the feeling to move though. What might it feel like?

The Many Voices of Resistance

One beautiful woman in our group described her practice of noticing where resistance showed up with Awe. She said she had no idea how many voices it had! She said when she noticed herself thinking upon a certain decision to make, a myriad of voices of relatives came in, all chiming their two cents. She laughed and said she had no idea how many voices she allowed inside her body to guide her. What an amazing awareness, right? How often do we all do that? Instead of sitting with the feeling, and listening to OUR bodies and what would feel good for us….the only one that matters in these choices.

For me, resistance is a physical feeling me body sends me. Its a pressure in my gut, or a tightness in my chest that says NO. Pause and reflect before moving forward.

The beautiful Voice of our Human Body

Our body is a Divine vehicle we chose to experience this lifetime in. It came with all the parts we felt were necessary for the learning we desired. It is to be enjoyed and KNOWN in it’s perfection despite outside influences that we are programmed to believe matter. When in reality, our experience is about knowing it’s Divinity and reveling in the gift it gives us each day.

If you think of energy as 6 quarts of oil per day that we are given, we have to be very mindful of where we use that oil to drive. Especially when we are healing our physical body.

I had the beautiful awareness yesterday that when I gave my body the rest it required, I was filled with the most blissful peace I had felt in a long time. It was like….ahhhhhh….lean in and feel this! This is what it feels like to listen to me and allow resistance to drop away and flow……

It was Divine.

I experienced a day that I can only describe as Heavenly present. So thankful for every moment in my body and how rested it felt.

Where does Resistance show up for you?

This week, I invite you to notice what it feels like when that force of nature shows up for you, what it feels like in your human body and what it feels like to allow it to simply BE.

Life is truly simply, we have complicated it greatly. The hormones of stress have created a muscle memory to keep our body on the track it has been, so when we veer off of the stress track, our physical alarm system goes off telling us our muscles need new information.

The more we practice giving it new information that ALL IS WELL, we are okay and this allowing of the force to flow through is is going to feel like a wave and we are fine with it, the better the ride becomes.

Inviting the Ground In

My teacher said something at the end of our practice, that gave me pause and great insight. She said, no matter what is moving through you, even when we say “okay, I’m going to allow this resistance to be here for now, it’s serving me in some way and it’s okay to stick around” you can also say, “AND….in this moment, I know the ground. I am safe.”

What a gift it is to know our ground.

To be here in whatever form of comfort or discomfort without judgement, but rather compassion. Thankful that we are still standing and our vehicle is doing what it does best.

Today, Know your ground. Experience the flow and pay attention to your body and it’s beautiful input. We only have this moment, the next isn’t guaranteed but rather a gift. Bring it back to your breath. Every one starts life over for you, just like the first one your family celebrated with you as you came into this world. Can you imagine your life celebrating every single breath with as much vigor?

Simply the awareness that it’s possible and our practice of noticing flow and resistance can keep us in the moment of Life.

Being is an ART

I recently read a post from my dear artist friend that said if she only painted when she felt inspired, she’d never get work done to pay her bills. Another writer chimed in with the same sentiment, that if she only wrote when she felt inspired, she wouldn’t get down a lot of the words that have taught her the best information. This was a gift to me to hear, for I have become aware of my resistance to flow of words for sometimes I feel like I’ve held so many in for long, I might not be able to stop once I start. I am learning that when I give myself a certain amount of time, and whatever comes in that time is okay….no matter whether it’s giberish or not, it is truly a gift of practice to myself.

We have spent a lifetime….many lifetimes….practicing the imperfect. How about allowing the practice to BE with awareness and maybe, just maybe, the perfection of the imperfect. The art of it with be allowed to shine.

We are all uniquely and exquisitely an art form. Allow the flow to happen with kind and loving awareness.

Cheers to the journey…..


Carry on….





2 responses to “50 Shades of Resistance

  1. So reassuring, we all hold back as you called it “muscle memory”.
    I have realized I tend to live with fear.
    Fear of changing, fear of success yet it is the way I need to move to get healthier and to give back.
    YOU ARE so wise! Thanks for the guidance❤

    1. Thanks so much for reading!’

      It’s so important to retrain our bodies and muscles to create a NEW memory of who we are NOW! Even if it’s getting up and putting in gym clothes at a certain time each day. Even if we don’t go right away, it sends signals to our body of what it FEELS like to be in workout clothes and prepared to move! It’s lije soldiers training. It creates a default system in times of crisis, this is what our bodies do to mobilize and be a force to be reckoned with.

      It’s critical to do this, because when our brains are busy, our muscles still react. We need to crest a program that runs in the background when we are busy, that is both productive and highly efficient.
      Baby steps are the key. A war isn’t win in a day and a mountain doesn’t just appear. It’s repeated processes that are built on simple habits. Habits that are habitual and repetitive. Muscle memory.

      What a gift!

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