Top 3 Ways to Anchor a Positive Connection

August 29, 2018

A young woman called me to help her through severe anxiety over an upcoming meeting with a connection that a mentor had referred her to. She was distraught over potentially embarrassing her mentor by not being all he “billed” her to be.

How often do we all do this? Feel as though we are not good enough or somehow an imposter of what someone else who admired us described us to be.

The beautiful thing I find every day is that every one who finds me, is working the same thing I’m working and they are a gift so that I can speak the truth I’ve learned and be my OWN mentor! 😉

This is what I shared:

1. Show Up with a heart full of Gratitude.

The man that referred her did so because of her beautiful spirit and nature, not her portfolio. Her bright light, inquisitive nature and open curiosity as to what “could be” in an artistic venture is why she was referred! I told her to describe her mentor with as much enthusiasm as she could and deep gratitude that he would consider sending her name over for a meet up. This gentleman obviously knows her mentor and trusts his judgement. She really just needed to SHOW UP! And, breathe to keep her in her normal state of being.

2. Consider the fact that YOU are the teacher.

Many times we are in a position for a long time and go through certain hiring motions in a rote fashion. We are told to ask for certain things, for example, a portfolio of work, list of work experience, etc. However, how many times have you heard of someone being hired for a job that they were barely qualified for because they brought a fresh perspective and the lack of background in the area WAS the benefit? The Millennial’s and younger are bringing in a NEW skill set. One of being detached from things looking a particular way and being wide open to possibilities. Their creativity is our new future!

3. Breathe and BE.

The first thing we do if we are stressed, is to stop breathing. We immediately create a disconnection between the mind and body. We go into our head and lose our heart connection. Heart coherence happens when the channel between our heart and head is open. Breathing keeps that little flap (the esophagus) open and flowing and allows our heart to stay on board. Authenticity and transparency is key today and staying in your heart center will ensure your Mojo is moving and you can be YOU.

Life is all about possibilities with endless ways to move through them. The key is to have FUN with it! Think of fun ways to put on your Superman or Wonder Woman garb on and keep it Light. Joy tops everything else and is incredibly contagious. What a great thing to catch!

Carry on…

Your Flow Pilot

4 responses to “Top 3 Ways to Anchor a Positive Connection

  1. Wonderful words!
    I am writing again with positive words, looking for loving support and your help with remembering to BREATHE😚🤗❤😇

    1. Thank you SO much, Lisa, for taking the time to read AND comment!! I truly appreciate the feedback and so thankful I could help you with the breathing reminders! 🤗

  2. Loved loved loved the article! Beautifully written…A great space and message! Keep up the amazing work youre doing!

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