When you think there’s a plan, let go and let love come in.

July 31, 2018

I arrived in Rhinebeck last Saturday feeling some heaviness…a sense that I’d just discovered the beauty and POWER of joyfulness & play, & now I was somehow going to dive deep into past stuff that felt contradictory to my journey.

I felt my energy and heart held close to the vest, like a turtle with it’s head tucked safely inside and viewing the world from the vantage point of being in a cave.

I checked in and was told, unlike any other course, once I began the Past Life Therapy course, I couldn’t transfer out to another program. Not that I would have, but adding that to the mix of all the heart opening emotions I’d experienced over the 12 hour drive, this was just about enough to send me running for the hills.

Everything inside me knew something BIG was at work and I needed to stay present.

I gathered my linens, pillow and a few things I could carry to my cabin and headed in. I had an hour or so before my room would be ready, but wanted to find my room and hide inside nonetheless.

I must have had a lost expression on my face, for this lovely soul stopped next to me and said, “you look like you have a story.”

I let go of a brief laugh, and said, “You don’t know the half of it!”

She stepped in, gently put her hand on my back, guided me toward a bench and said, “Why don’t we sit down for a minute…or an hour and you can tell me all about it.”

I knew right then that whatever I thought I was there for, I better let it go. I began telling my serendipitous tale, and found myself melting into the loving embrace of being heard and witnessed with pure love.

She was in no rush, seemingly no place to go and asked if I’d like to join her in as she was planning to begin a watercolor.

I thought she was heading to a class & said yes right away. You see, I’d just asked the Universe 2 days before to send me a teacher to teach me the art of watercolors. I asked for an angel in human form to just pop in. I believe in such things.

She told me to walk the garden & pick a place to paint. I was confused for a moment & inquired about her class. She said there was no class, she just felt like painting, happen to have her materials in her car and wanted me to join her.
For the next two hours, I sat in reverence as this incredibly gentle woman opened her artist’s heart to me and shared wisdom that can only be gathered through years of living a life well lived.

Finally…she mentioned my orientation was going to begin soon for camp and I realized I’d painted my first watercolor.

I was in a slow motion kind of a state, thanked her profusely and asked if I could get her information to keep in touch.

I pulled out my phone & asked the best way to reach her. She said email was best, just type in….mama angel…

I looked up at her gentle, loving eyes, tears streaming down my face and said… “of course it is.”

Mona….from my heart to yours. Deep thanks for giving me a gentle entry into a life changing week.

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