I'm Laurie Moritz. I'm a Certified Hypnotist and Thought Leader here to help you understand how you’re wired so you can adeptly navigate your life.

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If you found me, you’re waking up to the fact that life can be so much more. You may be feeling that suddenly you’ve changed and those around you haven't. Or that what you’re doing in your career doesn’t line up with who you are anymore. Sound familiar? Do you feel this inner urging to know more but you don’t know where to begin?

You’ve come to a place where you can always feel appreciated, safe, and included.

It’s a place to re-center, spark your passion and creativity again, ignite, and break out of the old shell that no longer fits you - and allow a new one to grow. It comes from energies within you.

Ready to get real, live a life of transparency, focus, and flow?
  • Grounding your center
  • Sparking and re-awakening your inner self within
  • Reflecting it back to you with clarity and reason
  • Igniting the drive to take action in productive ways to
    add value to the world around you
  • Enrich your soul in new ways